Bicycle tour ideas to climb challenge B.I.G. destinations,mountain passes in Portugal, Spain, Andorra, South France, in 2023 , cycling mate search for bicycle tours, I am looking for travel buddy, cycling compagnionsColle di Sampeyre,looking for travel buddy, travel companion search

In 2023
Mountain passes, mountain tops still to climb in South France, Andorra, in Spain near Barcelona and on Mallorca
~ April 15-20. to May 20-25
Mountain passes, mountain tops still to climb in the Pyrenees, in Spain und Portugal
~ June 1-6. to July 7-12
In Iceland

Mountain pass climbing tour on Iceland uly 27-August 6

Cycling tour in South Portugal from Lisbon and possible extension to the Azores total 22-25 day late autumn or in winter ?
Only the Azores  in September 2022 done!
On Madeira island 4 BIGs , near Lisbon 2 BIGs climbed between 15th and 24th January, 2022.
3 BIGs are still missing on Faial island and Sao Miguel island. According the weather statistics
in 2022 done!
Schottland-Irland-Nordirland 20-21 Tage Pässeklettern mit dem PKW im Sommer. Bestes Wetter  in July 2022   done!

Ireland-North Ireland cycling tour 15-19 days in July 2022 done!

South of France - Barcelona - Malaga - Central Spain End of April- May 2022. / most of them done in May-June

Climbing mountain passes in France up to 26 passes South of Lyon mostly in the Pyrenees including some in Andorra and Spain. Best weather for me June-July? October and November
Some of them done in May-June
Mallorca + Middle and North-West Spain from Middle of May to June

Climbing BIGs in North and West-Spain also in Portugal
Some of them done in May-June
Climbing passes in North of Scandinavia up to the Nordkapp in August.

Giro d Italia in Hungary!
First stage May 6th 2022 Budapest-Visegrád 195 km
2nd stage May 7th, in Budapest time trial from City park to Buda Castle
3rd stage, May 8th Kaposvár- Balatonfüred 201km
Bicycle tour to the Tour de Pologne 05-09 August (Zakopane) 8th? August 2022 Bukowina Tatranska ( 2 laps 2x66km , if it will be organized that way)
In the Ligurian Alps along the Ligurian Sea 10-20 challenge B.I.G. destinations between Nice (France) via Genova and La Spezia to North-Apennins,Ligurian Apennins. This tour has been done in September, 2021
New route in South Italy autumn 2021. This tour has been done in October , 2021.

Ligurian Alps along the Ligurian Sea10-15 days tour . All of them have been done in September 2021
Cycling tour to the Don Bend near Voronezh where after 12th Jan, 1943. 120 000 Hungarian soldiers lost their life.

Climbing mountain passes in France up to 86 passes South of Lyon inluding 3 passes in Switzerland, small trips to Spain and Italy more than 20 passes have been done in the Alps and near Lyon

Morocco, Atlas mountains

in Italy Vesuvius - Vesuvio 23 days This tour has been done in October, 2021
mountain passes in Switzerland This tour schedule has been carried out from June 24th to July 27th, 2021 including Nebelhorn in Germany.

Climbing mountain passes in North-East Italy Piemont, Lombardy, Valley of Aosta September,November 2020 most of them have been done!
Sardina by ferry from Civitavecchia near Roma)already done at the beginn of July
Bicycle tour in South-Spain from March 7th to 24th, 2020 from Málaga From March 7th to 17th ten days has been done.
Because of COVID-19 I had to return a week earlier. There are still over 100 passes, mountains to climb!

Greece 14-24 days tour already done November in 2019!!
Cycling on the Canary Islands January 14th to Feb. 2. has been done!!
Tour to visit the 102nd Giro d Italia on Mortirolo (Scarponi climb!) done in2019!.
Cycling tour in the Pyrenees and Basque country Between 7th and 18th May 2018. has done!!
Cycling in North-France and North of Switzerland This tour has been done. First part in June.
Second part in July to August 1st 2018.

Kosovo together with Bulgaria. Done in June 2019!.

Bicycle tour to the Tour de France 2017 cycling up to 12-20 passes,challenge B.I.G. destinations: Cime de la Bonette,Mont Ventoux,Alpe d'Huez...).It has been done in July 2017.

North Cyprus three mountains (BIGs) ~ 300 km between 11. and 16. January 2018. already done!
Malta between 20th and 26th January 2018. already done!

Slovenia-Croatia 3 days from June 30th to July 2nd,2017 has been done!
South France-Nice-Montpellier Tour has been done!
Portugal-Porto- with short visit in Spain.Tour has been done!
Cycling tour in Sicily between November 15-29. with a short visit on the "Italian boot" this tour has been done!!
Cycling in Cyprus 7 days this tour has been done in April 2016!!
Cycling in Corsica and in the Apennins12 days this tour has been done in October!!

climb the chalenge B.I.G. mountains , passes in Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands in the footsteps of the cycling classics : Tour of Flanders,Amstel Race,La Flèche Wallonne , Liège–Bastogne–Liège.In 19 days with a short detour to France,Germany and Czechia I climbed over 60 "montains" in May 2016.this tour has been done!!
Cycling tour in Corsica 7-8 days on the island. I cycled the tour in October 2016.this tour has been done!!
Who is going to join me ?
Norway-Denmark-Sweden mountain passes climbing tour in August 2015 has been done!

Cross country skiing
in Galyatető January 2015

Galyatető sítúra túraösvényen Galyatető kilátás északnak Galyatető biatlon pálya lőtér sífutáshoz túratásat keresekGalyatető biatlon pálya sífutáshoz túratásat keresek

Jan 16-18, 2015 in Donovaly(SK)


I am looking for mates to 1-4 day cross cuntry skiing

         Sommeralm    Teichalm    Sommeralm   Zselic-2014

Winter pictures in Mátra mountains 2013
                 Sommeralm  Mátraszentistván   Mátraszentistván

Teichalm, Sommeralm
Snow report about cross country trails on Teichalm.
St. Jakob im Walde 1200 mweb site
snow report in St.Jakob im Walde
35 more cross country ski trails in Austria
Erdély, Maradaras in Hargita (RO)

1-4 day tours on cross country skiers in 2014,( photos).,I am looking for tour mates

Wo is going to join me even for one day ?

f.e.. Sopron "Iron curtain " tracks
Slovakia, Donovaly ( already tested by me , well treated tracks, lovely trails).
Teichalm, Sommeralm

St. Jakob im Walde 1200 m sea level ( only 105 km from Kópháza , from the Hungarian border) web site
Further 35 cross country ski tracks in Austria
Romania , Transsylvania, Maradarasi Hargita  the most locals speak Hungarian

Who is feeling like joining me even for some days ?

I am interested in anything similiar, if I can get holiday and it will be not raining all day.
The most beautiful is  certainly  South Tyrolia, Austria,Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg not by last because of the road quality.

About myself:
I make along with luggage at most 20 km/h averagely, daily 80-100-150-200 km, at least two years ago I could at the age of 63.
Climbing passes  I climb   450-500 m level difference in the first hour, later less.
In the age of 64 I became slower, but the distance I can still  manage, just slower.
If we are more cyclist together I can be certainly faster.
During a tour all language problems I can solve in German in English.
However I speak a bit Polish,Romanian, Russian, Italian,too.

Contact for bike tours, bicycle tour ideas f.e. Alps, bicycle tour in Germany,South-Italy, Luxembourg, Greece etc.

Virsic Ágoston Lacival   Gergővel az Arber alatt   kerekpartura_Ferto_to_korul   Flüela Pass-on Kiss Gyurival

    Viršič hágón  with Ágoston Laci 2011    with Tilistyák Gergő on Arber (D) 2012        Fertőd,2009 ,     On Flüela Pass (CH) with Kiss Gyuri

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