Bicycle tour to the mountain finish on Passo Fedaia of Giro d Italia in 2011 .
After to
Lake Garda- Verona-Bologna-Firenze-Apennines, Rome and returning via  Siena-San Marion-Rimini and back to Dolomits : Cortina d Ampezzo
from May 22. to June 13th, 2011.

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We cycled about 2700 km. On the 0. day we climbed Jamnig Hütte 1670m level difference. 983 m and on the way home we climbed  Viršič pass in Slovenia 1611 m level diffence 802 m  12,5 km from Kranjska Gora.

We started our tour on May 22nd ,2011 by car leaving for Cortina d Ampezzo.
By bicycle on May 22nd from   Cortina d Ampezzo to  Rome and back to Cortina d Ampezzo.

Our tour included the mountain sprint at passo di Fedaia (2057 m) ,which was the last mountain sprint before the stage finish of  Giro d Italia (Gardeccia Val di Fassa) .
An old favourinte of mine : Stefano Garzelli at  36 won the mountain sprint.The Spaniard  Mikel Nieve (Euskaltel Euskadi) followed him in 200 m distance .
Unfortunatelly the stage finish was on the next mountain, that one was won by the Spaniar with 1.47 min. advance before Garzelli . Contador arrived third.

Day O. during the journey to Cortina d Ampezzo
635 Jamnig Hut 1630 m from Spittal an der Drau more precisely from  Obervellach 15,8 km 983 puncts  6,2 %
We went through the wedding of a local  firefighter, where funny speach were held in local dialect.
Camping near Lienz (~ 11 € /per.) . May  22nd.. ~75km
By car  to Cortina d Ampezzo.
Cortina d'Ampezzo-7km(SR48)-Pocol-11km(SP638)-
an Italian cycling team has made some genuine, not set photos about us during clinbing the passo Fedaia:
Laci cycling by the 108 start number . Wouter Weylandt, Belgian rider had this number, who suffered an fatal accident  during this  Giro. Laci is climbing, András is following him .Laci is overtaking the Italian team!
One  more, tough km to the mountain  finish:   Passo Giau**(BIG 2236m,level difference:1047m)-10km(SP638)-
Codalonga-7km(SP20)-Saviner di Laste-13km(SP641)-Passo di Fedaia**(BIG, 2057m, level difference:1043m)

About  16 hours we reached the top of the pass, we looked quickly for a proper place  in the last turn before the mountain sprint.
The peleton arrrived first after 5 p.m. Because of the extrem difficulty of the stage the riders came alone or in small groups.
The Giro has arrived to the top . After this stage  Alberto Contador  stated in an interview that  this stage was the hardest in his life.

-25 km-Pozza di Fassa.Camping Soal, 9€/ pers, where we got a bottle of excellent Italian red wine from an "unknow Italian "to acknowlege  our performance  - climbing more than  2000 m level difference in the heat. This red wine we drank in a light rain without delay.

        Passo_Giau_Laci_andras       Passo_Giau_Andras_in_action       together_with_Italian_team                    
             we are climbing our first pass : Passo Giau         András is loosing the struggle  with an Italian        the Italian team has waited for us for a common photo              

              Passo_Giau_mountain_finish        Passo_Fedaia_2057_done        Passo_Fedaia_other_side                    
                 Passo Giau is awaiting the mountain finish                          Passo Fedaia  done                               the other side of paso di Fedaia                   

II. day May 23rd.   ~123km
Pozza di Fassa -12km(SS48)-Moena-14-Cavalese-46 km--Civezzano-9km-Trento-
Relaxing in the heat aroud noon in Trento at a fountain.
22km-Monte Bondone**(BIG)1654m, level difference1463m,Lasino-Caravino-Sarche-Pietra Murata, Camping
Daino wonderful is  the view,    rock layers as compensation for the pains.
From the hight Trento looks  like that
-20 km downhill ride. After we crossed the wineyards and were cycling towards Pietramurata.

      Monte_Bondone_done_with_mate         Monte_Bondone_Charly_Gaul_way        Monte_Bondone_partner_search
                   Monte Bondone  performed                        Ágoston László with Charly Gaul                view over the Alpes                                           

Supper at the camping on foot of huge rocks.  Along the wineyards we cycled to Pietramurata.

III. day    May  24th.:101km
Pietramurata-18km-Arco-6km-Nago-Torbole-16km-Malcesine-5km-Assenza di Brenzone-8km-P.d.Telegrafo**(BIG)-2km-
Val Senaga-5,5km-Lumini-5,5km-Rubiana-4km-Ceredello-8km-Sega-4km-Pastrengo-5km-Bussolengo-7km-Verona-7km-Verona
Agricultural area before Garda See. The first  olive tree close up. Lago di Garda at first sight, Riva del Garda Campeggio Castel San Pietro VIA CASTEL S. PIETRO 2 - 37100 - VERONA (VR)
This camping was very interesting. Like an arboretum : Discriptions of many trees in two-three languages.
The big level difference was well used to form sites for the tents like stairs.
The receptionist spoke the basic Hungarian to register guests.

    Riva_del_Garda_the_port           Riva_d_Garda_lake_shore           Riva_del_Garda_yacht_port
                     port of  Riva del Garda                                                 lake shore with Cypresses                                                 port of  sailing boats              

Climbing up to passo Telegrafo . Frankly said: I was pushing my heavy loaded bicycle  4 km long on the  17 % ascending in the heat.      I was still sweating terribly.

      Telegrafo         Telegrafo_almost_on_top        Telegrafo_on_top     Ágoston_László_on_top
 Passo Telegrafo : we arrived from there            resting near the pass top                                         Pass done             the last meters towards Telegrafo                                          

Verona Adige-bank  Ponte Scaligero   View from the bridge  to the East.  In front of the Colosseum in Verona Gladiators hanging around.     Verona  in front of Julia Capulettis house ,    in the cour yard.

         Julia_Capulettis_Balcony        Piazza_delle_Erbe_Casa_Mercanti        Piazza_dele_Erbe_arches      townhall
                Julia Capulettis balcony            Piazza delle Erbe House of the merchants (from 1301)      the archades of Piazza delle Erbe    townhall                                           
      Castel_San_Pietro_Adige_riverbank        Castel_San_Pietro_camping      view_from_camping
                Adige-bank with Castelo San Pietro            Camping :  stairwise formed  site for tents                          view over the town                                         

IV. day   
May 25th.:195km  (longest distance on a single day in this tour)

Verona-37km-Nogara-16km-Ostiglia-36km-San Felice sul Panaro-16km-Crevalcore-36km-Bologna-42km-Monghidoro-12km-La Martina, Camping La Martina  10€/ person

V. day    May 26th .:130 km
La Martina-22km-Passo della Futa**(BIG,903m,level difference.:482m)-16km-(bridge)Sieve-10km-Vaglia-6km-Pratolino-13km-
Firenze-10km-10km-Ponte a Ema(Gino Bartoli Museum, open Thursdays, Fridays:9:30-13:00, 15:30-19:30,
I called the number and a certain Signore Giovani came in some minutes.   Entrance fee 3,5 €/pers.)
-16km-Pontassieve-16km-Passo di Consuma-13km-Stia-3km- Papiano-5km-Camping Falterona:7,5€/ pers. As cyclist we got  discount !

Ágoston László on the top of Passo della Futa in front of a tourist hostel. The  compulsory  sign at  903 m.  Masterpieces of the loggers .  In the varied  landscapes of the Apennines .
On the way to Passo della Futa cycling. Firenzes Sight from the surrounding mountains.
Firenze: Palazzo_Vecchio, Arno-Ufer, refrechment at fountain. One of the main squares of Firenze :Piazza della Signoria

    palace_court  dome    policemen_on_bicycle   fountain   
                   court of a palace near Uffizi                               Dom                          policemen on bicycle at  Signora-square      refreshing: in background
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tower of  Palazzo Vecchio                                                    

Beside Santa Croce you can have a rest in the shade. Beside Santa Croce there is this  thin church tower

        Ponte_Vecchio        Santa_Croce        Palazzo_Vecchio_tower        Palazzo_Vecchio_tornya
                             Ponte Vecchio                                          basilica Santa Croce                    and her huge gate                   Tower of Palazzo Vecchio                                          
Gino Bartalis cyclist museum in Ponte a Ema by Firenze:
Gino Bartalis victories. Very old  bicycle , bicycle with a grinder  from 1950.
English bicycle.      with hand movable font derailleur. Legnano Corsa 1935.

    Ponte_Vecchio     track_bicycle    German_bicycle_with_carding_axis    Bartalis_last_bicycle 
        war bicycle from 1914             Bartalis track bicycle                     German bicycle with carding axis            Bartalis bicycle used during his last  tour race              

Bianchi 1948 Model

    Bartalis_first_victory    Bartali_domaning_in_the_Pyrenees     famous photo of_Coppi and Bartali     1953_Giro_di_Toscana 
                  Bartalis first victory              Bartali controlling the Pyrennes         worldfamous photo of Coppi and Bartali / Bartali and Coppi 1953 Giro di Toscana                                        

Passo della Consuma 1050 m on the pass top, Papiano-5km- Camping Falterona in 836 m hight. Until 10 p.m. we reached the camping     . At the end 1.5 km gravel road in pitch-darkness !

VI. day   May 27th .: 90 km
Camping Falterona-4km-Papiano-12km-Passo della Calla** 1296 m, level difference. 827 m from Stia 15,4 km-27km-Santa Sofia-16km-16km-Corzano-4km-Bagno di Romagna-11km-Verghereto-13km-Monte Fumaiolo**(BIG1400m,level difference.:820m)-3km-Verghereto, Balze Camping Tiber. price 12€/ person

The characteristic  flowers of the Apennines
Trout and  salmon farming !!. In the varied  landscapes of the Apennines   there is  not even one km long road section without any descending or ascending!      Mountain villages         Rock layers.
Our cherry tree  , which supplied us with cherries. Passo del Carnaio on  760 m. Again a  new  BIG climbed: Valico_Monte_Fumaiolo with László  and  the  1400 m sign with me.

       Passo della Calla 1296 m         rock_layers_in_Apennines       cyclists_meeting_on_Mandrioli    
                         Passo della Calla                                                            rock layers                                       " cyclist meeting " on Passo del Mandrioli                          

VII. day  May 28th.  128 km
Balze,Camping Tiber-13km-13km-Verghereto-10km-Bagno di Romagna-9km-Passo dei Mandrioli**(BIG.1173m, level difference.:650m)-7km-Badia Pretaglia-13km-Bibbiena-24km- Chiusi della Verna -6,5km-Santuario della Verna** (BIG1128m, level difference .:701m)-4,5km-Chiusi della Verna-15km-Pieve Santo Stefano-16km-Sansepolcro-8km-San Giustino-11km-Citta di Castello-3,5km-
La Montesca(Camping La Montesca, Tent:6,50E, adult:8 €)

László on Passo dei_Mandriolin. Italian-Hungarian  cyclist meeting       Typical landscape in the  Apennines
Sanctuario della Verna seen from the country road   , Entrancemonastery court yard, view down to the country road,  and to the   landscape  , on the broad  Terrace

         Sanctuario_della_Verna_church       Sanctuario_della_Verna_interiour       siesta_with_writing_diary    
                Sankt Francis of Assisi honoured                the church and the monastery of  Sanctuario della Verna        Siesta with writing a diary                               

A new pass Valico dello Spino on 1055 m. The varied landscape of the Apennines.

VIII. day    May 29th 128 km

Camping La Montesca-5km-Citta di Castello-19km-Bocca Serriola-9km-Apecchio- 4km Colombara -8km-Serrevalle di Carda-8km-Monte Nerone**(BIG, 1498m, level difference :1022m)-8km-Serravalle di Carda-9km-Pianello, Moria, Palcano, Pontedazzo-11km-Cantiano-12km-Scheggia-16km- Fossato di Vico-7km-Cima Mutali**-(BIG,1083m, level difference.:570m)-
7km- Fossato di Vico -Gualdo Tadino-7km-instead of the Camping in Valsorda,we splept in a new comfortable hostel / house for  20 € per person.

View  near  La Montesca Camping to Citta di Castello. The bitter last km  up to  Cima Mutali.
The immence  flower meadow was the " compansation". Deserved break. Descending with nice  view.
View of Monte Nerone. Pianello, the small town. Pass of Valico_di_Scheggia at 632 m.
IX. day   May 30th 110 km
Valsorda-6km-Gualdo Tadino-14km-Nocera Umbra-7km-Bagnara-10km-Colfiorito-15km-Pieve Torina-16km-Visso(153E6)-8km-Castelsantangelo s. Nera(163A4)-15km-Casteluccio-8km-Forca di Presta**(BIG, 1540m, level difference.:938m)-10km-Arquata del Tronto-26km-Amatrice(Rieti)-5km-Localita Retrosi.
Descending in the morning from  Valsorda. mountain slope in the morning sun. Again in  the town  Gualdo Tadino. Nocera , the town on the mountain.
In  the beautiful  mountains of the  Apennines , on the wasteland  of  Forca di Presta we had to fight also aginst the  wind.
Laci is  undressing. Finally on the  top, Forca di Presta  and the  view

         Valsora       Valsorda       way_to_Cima_Mutali    
                                    Valsorda                                                mountain slope in the morning sun                           road to  Cima Mutali                           At camping on the farmstead (in Retrosi) we were the only guests in company of redstarts and jays.  Looking for long for the camp site was worth, after in farm steads (Agriturismo) Romanians  offered us rooms, apartments for  up to 100 € . But we slept well for totally 10 €.

X. day   May 30th    150 km
Retrosi-5km-Amatrice-21km-Montereale-30km-L'Aquila-50km-Campo Imperatore or Gran Sasso D'Italia**(BIG, 2130m, level difference.:1470m)-45km-
in Pagánica we have slept for free. Because it was closed on that day.But we could push the sliding door to the side.
In the garden was a water tap, so we pitched up our tents on the grass of the yard.

We reached the high mountains. The small town  in the mountains.
Gran Sasso Parco Nationale  and  its solitary standing pine.
The situation is  getting serious in wasteland of  Gran Sasso.  Laci on the top

         before_Campo_Imperatore          road_to_Campo_Imperatore      Campo_Imperatore_climbed 
                tired 1-2 km before  Campo Imperatore                                           Laci on the top                                      finally also I reached the top                                                                                    
Laci is taking a bath in the snow or  not yet?. We came from there . Descending. During a search for pivate accommodation we got   in such a lane in Filetto.

XI. day   June 1st    119 km
Pagánica-26km-Rocca di Cambio-4km-Campo Felice Skizentrum-4km-Rocca di Cambio-25km-Celano-12km-Avezzano-11km-Capistrello-23km-Campo Staffi** 1779 m 1040 m level difference- 14km-Filettino. accommodation for  30 € per person in the hostel Girasole dei Monti Simbruini.
For me unknow tree species. Rocca di Cambio the pass in the rain, Laci on the  pass top .  The houses built after the earth quake Laci at Campo Felice in the rain. Finally also I  have done it !!
The castle of  Capistrello and its main square , a narrow  lane.
Small town in the mountains, a town. Campo Staffi the empty ski center. Laci is reparing a flat tire or a broken spoke ?

     Capistrello??    mountain_town     Ostello_Filettino    Ostello_Filettino    
           town in the Apennines before holiday                             view to the town         view from the hostel early morning  taking photos of the nature while Laci
                                                                                                                                                                                                           is reparing a flat tyre                 

XII. Tag  02.07.  95 km

Filettino -17km-Altipianidi Arcinazzo-8km-Piglio-27km-Palestrina-38km-Rom, Colosseo-5km-Róma, Villa Mater Redemptoris (our accommodation)
Picturesque Filettino early morning. Photos arount 10 a.m.            town view
Already in Rome at  Porta Maggiore, then at the statue of  Saint Francis of Assisi

         Monte_Nerone       Monte_Nerone_view       road_to_Cima_Mutali    
                                    Monte Nerone                                                    view from the top                                              the road to Cima Mutali                                 


XIII. ,XIV day     July 3rd , 4th. sightseeing in  Rome

About 150 pictures of Rome you can view    through this link .

XV. day    July 5th  138 km
Veio 20 km, Anguillara Sabazia 10 km Trevignano Romano 13 km Sutri 13 km Vetralla 23 km Ponte di Cetti 9 km Viterbo 8 km 22 m Montefiascone 20 km Bolsena
Camping  near Lago di Bolsena.
We came across  a wedding  by chance in the town Capranica   at the entrance of the national park. 
With a decorated threewheeler the  newlywed couple    drove to the restaurant  nearby.
At the Lake Bolsena we had a look at  a military cementery from  WW II  .  Grave stones of  about  660 British, American, Australian, South-African, Indian fallen soldiers.
In Bolsena there was at that time a  festival .    Town gate, a   threwheeler close up.
Osteria del Borgo Dentro, the church  Sankt Cristina  and her Interior   nave .

XVI. day    July 6th. 130 km
Bolsena-in direction of Firenze  {2} Acquapendente Monte Amiata** ~ 60 km from  Ponte a Riga  298m 1672m-re 1329m level difference downhill to Abbadia San Salvatore La Bisarca 23 km 66 km Siena Camping Colleverde noth of Siena ~13€ /fő

My tour partner   is changing a tube after a puncture. Ágoston László on Monte Amiata. I struggled finally up to the top

threeweeler_wedding_limusineSwedish_cyclistsToscana_with_cypreses estate_in_the_Toscana_wwith_cypresses
    " wedding limousine ":threewheeler   exchange of experiences with Swedish travellers on a bicycle tour     drive in to an estate with Cypressen in Toscana
  scrift: today wedding couple in the village                                 


On the mild slopes in Toscana. The town gate  of  Siena was reached.

Salustino_Bandani Chiesa_di_San_Cristoforo_SienaSienna_main_square Sienna_townhall
     Salutio Bandini, father of banking system              Chiesa di San Cristoforo Siena      Il Campo  shell-shaped main square   Palazzo Pubblico/ townhall

Detail from the fountain  Fontana Gaia.

     Siena_Il_Campo   Palazzo_Chigi-Saracini_Academia_Musicale    Siena_cathedral    Siena_cathedral
                Siena Il Campo (main square)       Palazzo Chigi-Saracini at the moment : Academia Musicale          Dom                                  Fasade detail                               
Roof tops of Siena in the evening. Last  glance to the Dom in the evening dusk

XVII. day    July 7th 110 km
17km-Arbia-13km-Castelnuovo Berardenga-28km-Monte San Savino-8 km- Tegoleto-10 km-Arezzo-13km-Ponte alla Chiassa--Pass Valico della Scheggia-10km-Anghiari, agricamp-Anghiari(Arezzo)

This yellow bush  was smelling well everywhere in the  Apennines.    During descending  view to the town.
Above the flourishing olive plantation  We slept in  Val della Pieve camp site  in a farmstead at  Via della Fossa.
This camping had  even a swimming pool, which we did not want to try after the rain shower short before.
View to the orchardSunset after the rain shower. This was one of the best camping, especially as we need to pay only 10 €.
The owner offered us half of bucket cherries. He spoke Russian, for he used to be a soldier !

XVIII. day  July 8th. 150 km
Anghiari-8km-Sansepolcro-5km-San Giustino-15km-Bocca Trabaria**(BIG, 1049m, level difference.:713m)-25km-Sant Angelo in Vado-7km-Lunano-13km-Carpegna-6km
-Monte Carpegna**(BIG, 1415m, level difference.:704m) average.. 10,4%, max:22.1 % )- one of the toughest passes I have ever climbed ! 
-7km-Carpegna-9km-Macerata Feltria-14km -Mercatino Conca-14km-San Marino** (BIG, 725 m, level difference.:450m) --26km-
Rimini Camping International Rimini Viale Paolo Toscanelli 112. 13.5 €/fő .It looked pretty much worn.

The small town of Anghiari old  town walls  in the morning Morgen.

    view_Carpegna_hairpin_turn    Marco_Pantani_monument    Marco_Pantani_the_pirat    view_from_San_Marino
         view from the hair pin turns of Carpegna           monument of Marco Pantani "the Pirat" on  Carpegna             view to Adriatic see from  San Marino                             
The last only for cyclist allowed road section on Carpegna
An article about Eddy Merckx  Eagle over Carpegna. Sweaty sparrow is drying on the pass top.
Already in a bit better mood.
In the footsteps of Pantani  script  "the prestige of Carpegna here and today grabbed"  signature: M Pantani   
Across one of the ridges of the  Apennines  towards the peak of  San Marino . San Marino BIG climbing accomplished.
The usual lanes  , steep, with cobble stone covered streets  were not missing in  San Marino either.
These walls of San Marino have also contributed to the independence. 
Free taxi  to the museum of the couriosities stylish at disposal. Beginn of the descending from  San Marino to the See.
One beach in Rimini out of one hundred. Sailing boats can not be missing
  09.07.  130km
Rimini-57km-Ravenna {SS16} -73 km Ferrara, Camping 9 € pro Pers.
Ravenna in the John the Babtist Church  column head, Altar, nave.
A bombardment of WW II   has this  mozaik   spared
Galla Placidia, Western Roman empress has this church built after a survived see storm.
Leaning tower  of Ravenna.
Column head,    Mozaikfloor, In Basilica San Vitae the  Mozaikseiling, a detail of the altar. Mausoleo di Galla Placidia   another  mozaik.   Ancient  tower

Basilica_San_Vitae  San_Vitae San_Vitae Piazza_Popolo
            Basilica di San Vitae                                                   Mozaiks    in the church                            Pza Popolo S.Apollinaris and its patrons


Mozaiks of S.Apollinare and her  tower. One in the shade,  in front of the church resting German tourist.
   July 10th 130km
Ferrara- Padova 80 km Curtarola Rosa, Citadella-50km-Bassano del Grappa, Agricamp, community house and camp site :10€/Pers.
The Ferrara surrounding wall.  Impressive square  in Padova.
Padova oriel in the old town , opposite is the church of  Saint Anton , inside the statue of  Saint Anton of Padua. 
  July 11th   129km
Bassano del Grappa, Agricamp, -4km-Romano d'Ezzelino-28km Monte Grappa** (BIG, 1745 m, 1574 m level difference)- 29 km-Seren del Grappa (Caupo)-38km -Belluno -30km-Agordo accommodation in a boarding house : 32,5€/ person.

View  onto Bassan del Grappa from the road , which is leading up to Grappa  still before the rain shower. We dried us and  warmed us up in an inn. Starting to cycle after the big rain. The monument of  WW I on Monte Grappa.
Well , I also reached  Monte Grappa . Laci on the top at the sign.
View from  Monte Grappa into the valley. Photos of flowers( orchides) and also other flowers , as long Laci repares puncture I am taking photos of flowers.   
July 12th. 69km
Belluno Agordo-13km- Passo Duran** (BIG,1601m, 991m level difference )  8km-Dont -Zolo Alto -Passo Staulanza*(1773 m, 838m level difference ) Palafavera Santa Fosca 22 km Selva di Cadore ,10 km Passo Giau** (BIG,2236m, 901m level difference) -10 km Pocol 6 km- Cortina d Ampezzo.  On the last day we climbed  2700 m level diffference.
We went by car to Tristachersee by Lienz . Camping " Seewiese"

The flowers on the pass Duran . Laci on Duran-Pass  Duran pass top. Below the pass top  a sign with a race bicycle on it.

  Monte_Grappa_done     passo_Giau_again    orchidea     Cortina_d_Ampezzo
               I reached Monte Grappa                          the last pass: passo Giau                     orchid                                         Cortina d Ampezzo


The  view  on Passo Staulanza.  on the  pass top. Again in the Dolomits tearing along downhill.
On the last pass of our tour on  Passo Giau . Cortina d Ampezzo   the strating point of our tour has be reacched again.
The town is surrounded by such flower meadows.

During driving home we had the opportunity as "a reward climbing"  one more challenge BIG to cycle. That was the pass Viršič Short away from the Austrian border in the Julian Alps .  The road lead from Kranjska Gora up.
Laci on the pass in Slovenia.
That was in deed  our last pass on this tour. Descending on the cobble stone covered hair pin turns.
During Laci was repairing a puncture , I again was taking photos of the dried river bed, the  cobble stone covered turn, the immense rocks of the Julian Alps, the water fall, forget me not, orchides, meadow flowers.
we sah remarkable number of cars from Hungary there.

                    I may take farewell with these last photos from the stops of our well done bicycle tour
                                      and wish every cyclist similar nice experiences

        Julian_Alps        Virsic_brook        Julian_Alps         the_last_smile_together_of_our_tour
                                 Julian Alps                                     from Virsic downflowing brook             the smile on the last pass in not by mistake so honest, for            
                                                                                                                                                          our  pfotografer was a beautiful Japanese girl