Bicycle tour in Rome, sightseeing in bicycle saddle from July 2nd to 4th

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Square  in front of the hurch  San Giovani in Latero  before the big rain shower.
In the mean time we reached  the Colosseum after the rain.   Angels castle ones  mausoleum for emperor Hadrian.
From the bridge Vittorio Emanuelle   Ponte Principe Amedeo looks like that
 Basilica San Pietro at first sight.  Via della Conciliazione leads to that square
View from our pilgrim accommodation Villa Mater Redemptoris from the room window and a bit more to the  left
The pleasant  garden of  Vila Mater Redemptoris  and  its yard
Castel San Angelo. Tevere from the bridge  S.Angelo.
The bridges of Tevere , in the background :  San Pietro Basilica. The magnificant  palace of justicejustice palace from closer up.
There is   a small chruch. beside. Such  thin house  you can see also in Rome. I got quickly to the  Spanish Steps to Piazza di Spanga . The pearl of the square  is  la fontana della Barcaccia boat-shaped fountain.  There was a concert  on the previous evening, the chairs were still standing around. On   Piazza Mignanelli you find the Spanish Embassy with the flag.
With colour sprayed  showmen.
The Italian Parlament . At  Piazza Colonnada Triumphal arch of  Marcus Aurelius from 190 Palazzo Chigi , office of the prime minister.

          Johannes_Paul_II.      Ponte_San_Angelo      Pont_San_Agelo_Statue_mi_Möwe       Piazza_Colonna                  
   picture of John Paul  II. on St.Peters square         San Angelo bridge                               statue with a sitting seagull          arch of Marcus Aurelius

courtyard of a palace with orage tree . At Piazza del Popolo the poster of the  referendum behind a fountain.
The square is ending with the twin church  S.Maria dei Miracoli and S.Maria di Monte Santo.

     Vittorio_Emanuelle's_monument    Piazza_del_Popolo    Piazza_del_Popolo    Villa_Borghese_Pincio                  
  Vittorio Emanuelles monument at Piazza Venezia    Piazza del Popolo with  Porta del Popolo in background    Piazza del Popolo    Pincio Villa Borghese     

A  restaurant in Pincio , an out of bicyccle tubes  created bicyclea small corner  of the huge park : Villa Borghese.
One part of the  Medici palace.  View from Spanish Steps ,where the chairs from the previous evening concert are still standing 

    view?from_Pincio    Spanish_steps    fontana_del_tritone_P_Barberini     S_Maria_Maggiore
               view out of Pincio                   Spanish Steps, SS.Trinita dei Monte    Triton fountain at  P.Barberini            S.Maria Maggiore                   

Palazzo Margherita from 1880, now  embassy of USA. Piazza della Repubblica Najad fountain
Central train station in Rome : Termini. The Opera in Rome, monument of Carlo Alberto in shady park , where I had a rest.

    Trevi_Fountain     Trevi_fountain    Pantheon    street_sign_P_d_Ara_Coeli                                  Trevi fountain                                          closer up                                    Pantheon                                        street name in Rome               

Palazzo del Quirinale, now,   President palace, in front of it a politician has beeing interwied. Trevi fountain,
lots of people around the Trevi fountain, from the side  closer up , from opposite, the square  from the side. Pantheon, in which the grave of  Viktor Emanuel II. "father of the fatherland" has been kept, the altar   and  a madonna,

              bicycle_locked_to_gate            Piazza_Navone           fountain                  
       to  the gate locked bícycle                       Piazza Narvone                                        and her smaller fountain


Piazza Navone, Fontana dei Fiumi " fountain of the rivers"An Asian on the corner  of Navona square  which is one of the most beautiful squares in Rome, is making losusts. There is always a vivid life here, an entertainer  is in "action"Fountain.
Literally heavily armed soldiers are beside the Spanish Institut .   
Garibaldis monument ,   view over Rome.
A narrow lane leads  to church. That is not a narrow lane, but a "main street"   "La Cordonata" which is  leading stairs  to Piazza del Campidoglio.
Long stairs leading to   la Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli .

Piazza della Bocca della Verità La Basilica di Santa Maria in Cosmedin,  her sevenstoried  tower    Capitoleum  , Temple of Hercules  il tempio di Ercole Hercules Vincitore the fountain. Palatinus(Palatino) first sight, in front of the huge basin of  Circus Maximus .
Circus Maximus now and in the   IV.th century. Palace of Palatinus Septimus Serverus on  Palatino-hilll, the  stadion   House of Augustus, Infant' s grave in an amphora,  more ruines
Ornament,  The  Flavian PalaceAulanum Palatinam :Appeals court and  its ruines   House of Augustus.
View to Forum Romanum  and to its further parts, in background  Triumphal arch of Constantine
Basilica Aemilia , triumphal arch of Titus . In shade relaxing seagull in  Orti Farmesiani Park
Priestess of Pompei  , bust of the young  Nero ,   coloumn head

          Triumphal_arch_of_Constantine       Nero      Forum_Romanum       Triumphal_arch_of_Constantine
          Triumphal arch of Constantine                          Nero                                 Forum Romanum         Triumphal arch of Costantine from via Triumphalis

Forum Romanum, Triumphal arch of Septimus Severus , Entrance of the temple

  Colosseum  Colosseum_interiour basilica_San_Pietro  basilica_San_Pietro Papal_basilica_of_Saint_Peter
                 In Colosseum                                        Colosseum                     Saint Peter's Basilica           basilica San Pietro        Papal Basilica of Saint Peter

Colosseum, enteriour and  its thick walls . Colosseum on contemporary drawing . Triumphal arch of Constantine sawn from Colosseum.   View of Palatinium .

Papal Basilica of Saint Peter   Saint Peter's Basilica  an altar  John Paul II.     Altar  arch    list of the popes
marble floors   relief  naval

Papal Basilica of Saint Peter Fussboden  Altar Papal Basilica of Saint Peter     Papal_Basilica_of_Saint_Peter
 Papal Basilica of Saint Peter   Marble floors in Papal Basilica of Saint Peter    an Alter  out of a great number    a side aisle                            nave

a gate leaf   outside Papal Basilica of Saint Peter     A Swiss guard  
View through the  iron grate  on the after the closure of  Saint Peter's basilica empty  Peter 's square .

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