Cycling tour to climb Neboljas pass in Papuk mountain in Croatia and Mrakovica mount  in Kozara Nature park in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Karlovitz Kristóf (Pupu) drove me via Barcs to Slatinski Drenovac (Slavonia ) in Croatia on 10th April, 2010.
Our destination was  Neboljas pass from  178 m up to 761 m.
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         Papuk_reggeli_paraban            Pupu_fenykepezeshez_keszul           Papuk_Nevoljas_hago_fele
            Papuk mountain in the morning haze                         Pupu sets about making photos     result :         I am on the way to Nevoljas pass

         Jankovaci_vizeses_patakkal_cycling_mate_search            water fall of Jankovac            kis_vizeses          gyombergyoker  

                 Jankovac water fall                                  from closer                                           small branch                  ginger in blossom  along the creak

     vizeses_utrol_nezve_Radler_Partner    patak_hidrol  jankovaci_vizeses_turatars_kereso          Jankovaci_vizeses_cycling_partner_search
         water fall from the  road                              from the bridge                                     opposite                                                from the side

    Jankovac_felso_to      Jankovaci_fahid_fentrol     Papuk_jankovaci_vizes_fentrol       Mir_wurde_warm,_d.h._ausziehen
          Jankovac upper pond            view from the water fall down to the bridge    water fall of Jankovac from the top           at the foot of the water fall 

Papuki_erdei_mano_Jankovacon   foltos_szalamandra  Papuk_emlekmunel_Neboljas_hago_alatt   Pupu_partizan 

         Imp of Papuk                      salamandra is amazing him motionless ...             Partisan Monument under Neboljas pass       Pupu partisan in action
Our next destination was Mrakovica top with the partisan monument from Gornji Podgradci (466 m ) up to  806 m.
We cycled insteaf of the 8 km written at about  20 km, on muddy , stony partially even asphalted  road.
The experience was worth it !

            pass road with fowers             Pupu_legyozte_Mrakovicat           Mrakovica_tajekoztato_tabla
 bog rhubarb (devil’s hat) was lining the pass road                Pupu won by  reku bike                            Education on the board of Kozara Nature Park

          Mrakovica_emlekmu         036_II.Vilaghaborus_pancelauto           Mrakovica_celban
                   Mrakovica monument                                   armoured vehicle  from WW  II.                                    happy at the finish board

Thanks Pupu for the inspite of  900 km driving pleasant journey and for the nice experiences.

For I got a puncture  on the downhill ride from Mrakovica on the bad road surface,I deffinetely suggest the cyclist after us  not to use  23 mm tyres  !!!