Do you have a bicycle tour in Europe in mind ? Do you come from another continent,are you strange in Europe ?
Let me tell your idea,destination, I will make it true.

How many km would you like to cycle per a day ?
How many days do you have for the tour ?
Where do you prefer to sleep  ( own tent at camp site, hostel, motel, hotel)?
What do you wish to see during the tour ( historical sites, natural attraction, national parks, folklore ) ?

According to your wishes you will get a tour draft with some options.


Pupu partisan in action

   Pupu won by  reku bike                          

My fee is my accommodation and catering like yours .    
If you will be at the end of the tour satisfied, you might honor me with a tip.
But this is not a must.

I will be happy to show you our Europe.

I wish you  tailwind and lots of sunshine
András (Andrew)