Cycling tour in the Romanian Carpathians : in Transylvania and Bukovina  between July 6th and 12th,2010.

First day

By car 400 km  about  12 hours to  Baia Sprie, then by bicycle 16 km to pass (Pasul Gutii 987m), back to car in Borsa.
After by car to Săcel.

        Pintye_vitez_fogado         Gutin_hago        gutin_hago
            After  Rákóczis  soldier  Pintye named inn                                     Pass Gutin                                                            at the pass top                                          
Accommodation in the Valley of Iza in the  pleasant  "Lăcrămioara" = Lily of the Valley  boarding house, where in the previous night a 40 person Czech cycling group stayed.

Second day
By car to Borsa. Via Staţiunea Borşa = Borsa fürdő  14 km by bicycle up to Pass  Borsai-hágó (Pasul Prislop* 1416 m ) back by bicycle .  Pass monument  left over from the Ceausescu times.

             radnai_havasok           tatarbetores_1717           radnai_havasok_juniusban
                View of  Radnai-havasok/Muntele Rodnei                 Monument of Tatar break-in  1717.                   View to Muntele/ Rodnei mountain

             Borsabol_a_hagora          Pasul_Prislop           prislop_hago
                         Borsafürdő/ Staţiunea Borşa                                       Pasul Prislop 1416 m                       View from pass to Muntele Maramures,Ukraine
A new ortodox monastery named  Holy Trinity was also here built.

By bike from Iacobeni, 8 km up  Pasul Mestecăniş (1096 m ). Back to the car. By car to Vatra Dornei.
I randomly met the peleton of  Romanian Cycling Tour (Turul Ciclistic al Romanei).
They were descending from Pass Tihuta , where I wanted  up. The road was closed many hours before. 
The road were leading up to Pass Tihuta (1200 m). There and back 34 km ride.  

       Roman_Kerekparos_Korverseny         masodik_uldozocsoport        view_Calimani
           the later stage winner  15 km before finish                               second chasing group                         view from pass to Kelemen havasok/mountains     

         Borgoi-hago                   kilatas_a_borgoi_hegysegre                masodik_uldozocsoport     

                  Wind turbine on the pass                                           Pass view to mountains Bargau                                  kilometer stone near the pass top 

By car  61 km to Cimpulung Moldovenesc, two nights stay in the small town in Bukovina.

Third day

From Cimpulung Moldovenesc (649 m) would have been an option : ascending the pass Rarău *  up 1484 m. 14 km long.
I had to break ascending after 4 km because of the bad " road " and to return. You can cycle there only by mountain bike, never by road race bicycle !!
I was very sorry , because  the landscape in the spring was  amazing .

        Raro_fele         visszafordulva        Cimpulung_Moldovenesc_kornyeke
                            on the way up to Ráró                                         far before the top returned                         surroundings of Cimpulung Monldovenesc                                       

By bike 10 km up to  Pasul Paşcanu (1040 m), then 22 km to the monastery of Vatra Moldoviţei ,then  31 km, again 15 km to Pass  Ciumîrna* (1100m)  finally back.

        Pintye_vitez_fogado         Tisza_Kiskorenel        gutin_hago
                  The bunker is guarding the pass road                          ascending the pass  Chuminra                                   view form pass                                           

Fourth day

By car 81 km to Holda along the foggy valley of Bistrica river .
The 7-day weather forecast  worked exactly .       From Holda by bicycle  22 km up to the pass Tarniţa (1161m) and back.

          hagolatkep          pasul_tarnita           Tarnica_hagorol_lefele 
                             road to pass Tarniţa                                        only some meters left  to the pass top                              descending    

By car  50 km to Piatra Teiului (water reservoir) .
From there by bicycle 12 km up to the pass Petru Voda (900 m) and 12 km back.

        pass_top_petru_voda         favourit_view_turatars_kereso        patakmeder
                          at pass Petru Voda                                          my favourite landscape                             creak bed is leading along the pass road                                           

Bicaz water reservoir, photos  of  gorge  Cheile Bicazului

   Bicaz_water_reservoir    074_Bekas_szoros_kezdete_Bekas_felol   Bekas_patak  Bekas_patak_es_orszagut
                       Bicaz water reservoir                                    beginn of the gorge                  pass road is following the creak                     creak  Bicaz                               

  By bicycle from Bicaz up to the pass Bicaz * from 530 m up to 1240  20 km long, then back to the car.

   Bicaz_water_reservoir    074_Bekas_szoros_kezdete_Bekas_felol   Bekas_patak  kozel_Gyilkos_tohoz                          amoung such gorgeous rocks             both  the road and the creak is           winding amoung souvenier stalls              up to Lacul Rosu     

Gyilkos tó / Lacul Roşu /See

            Kis-Kohard        Gyilkos_to          Pongrac_teto_1240_m                          
                                        rock of Suchard                                          Gyilkos tó / Lacul Roşu/lake                          Pass  Pongrác tető (Pasul Bicazului) 1240 m                                           

Then by car back to the pass Bicaz, where a cloud burst caught me luckily already  in the car sitting. Kept on driving to Gyergyószentmiklós (Georgheni). I stayed two nights in the small Hungarian populated town.

Fifth day

There are several passes in the sorroundings. I planned to cycle a circle of 126 km: Bucsin-tető (Pasul Bucin 1287m) 28 km, back to Gyergyóalfalu (Joseni) 20 km

      Gyergyoi_medence_Bucsin_fele     Bucsin_teto_1287_m        Pasul_Bucin
       Gyergyo-Basin on the way to Pass  Bucsin tető              Bucsin tető/Pasul Bucin 1287 m                                cottages at the pass top                                           

18 km to Libán-tető ( Pasul Sicaş 1000m), which became my  favourite with flowers covered pass
On the search after the sign  of the pass top I got luckily to a mountain meadow with wonderful flowers , then escaping  from an approaching shower  I rolled passing by a querry to Gyergyóújfaluig (Suseni) 12 km, then to Tekerőpatakig (Valea Strimbă) 5 km via Vaslábon (Voslăbeni) .

      Liban-tető     Liban-teto_szarvaskerep        infu
                       Pass Libán-tető 1000m                            and his flowers : szervaskerep                      infű on the meadow                                           

                Liban-teto_szarvaskerep          Liban-tető          Gyergyoi_medence_Bucsin_fele  
           on the other side of the pass  Libán-tető /Sicas                           his flowers                                      on the way back I found the pass board     

18 km to Marosfő (Izvorul Mureşului 891m),after back to Gyergyószentmiklós/Gheorgheni.
I planned about 121 km , but I often  had to cycle over the pass tops, because you never could have been sure where it was. Except you found a sign of the pass.

   ut_a_Hargitan_Tolgyes-teto   Maros_forrasa_kerekpartura_Erdelyben    Maros_folyo_elso_metere   viragok_edesapam_emlekere
        road in Hargita , on the pass  Libán-tető   spring of Maros river /Izvorul Mureşului          first meter of the river                  the flowers by the spring are  in                                                                                                                                                memory  of my father, who was born literally by this river  in Arad                      

         Gyergyoi_medence_Bucsin_fele         Csiby_Andor_alt_Iskola_Ditro_evzaro        Neptanc_Ditroban
  Gyergyói-basin, pass Pongrác-tető hit by thurnder storm        Grammer school "Csiby Andor " in Ditró                               graduation feast                                                                        

Sixth day

By car to Ditró 13 km. By bicycle up to (1025m) 13 km ride to pass Tölgyes-tető (Pasul Tulgheş ) Motorc ross track  and a real  mountain road, back 13 km.

        Tolgyes_teto_kozel_a_hagoteto        Tolgyes_teto_1025_m_kerekpartura           Ditro_latkepe
                      Tölgyes-tető   (Pasul Tulgheş)                                          Tölgyes-tető                                                           view of  Ditró                         

From Ditro by car to Maroshévíz(Topliţa) about .25 km, then by bicycle up to pass Kránga-tető (Pasul Creanga 1105 m) there and back about. 40 km.

     uton_Kranga-tetore     szerpentin_Borszek_fele    diplomatikus_emlektabla_Baross_Gabor     Kranga-teto                    monument of Baross Gábor                       view of the turns              diplomatically written text in two languages  Kránga-tető/Pasul Creanga  1105 m    

Maros river break through by  Palotailva  / Mureş Lunca Bradului :   scene of Wass Albert' s  novels

          Mures_Maros_attorese           Mures_Lunca_Bradului           Muers_Lunca_Bradului
                  Maros break through by Lunca Bradului                      Wass Albert's novels took place here           the "Witch of Funtinele" came here to bathe                     

From Belényes (Beiuş) by bicycle up to Biharfüred (Stâna de Vale).  View of  Bihar-Mountains Climbing uphill passing by the monument of the  bus accident of the trippers of the village Magyarremete/Remetea in 1978.

           12_%_macskakoves_emelkedo           turistautak_Biharfureden           Biharfured_Stana_de_Vale
                  12 % ascending on coble stone road                       trails of Biharfüred/Stâna de Vale                                        pass top                             

Two low passes  on the way home : Pasul Vălişoara (460 m)  and its  hair pin turns Zaradi mountains in the backgounds.
The other pass: Pasul Coşeviţa 321 m. View from the pass Kosevica-Pass   to the South.

       Valisoara_460_m          Kosevica_hago__kilatas_delre          Lippai_hegyseg_del_felol
                                Pasul Vălişoara                       its  hair pin turns with Zarándi mountains in background           Lippai mountain from Pass Kosevica                                     
I hope to be able to continue the tour in Seklerland and South Transylvania near Brasov later this year.

Unfortunatelly I did it  first in 2011, as I was driving home from the Crimean peninsula.

Some compulsory photos from South-Transylvania August 1st and 2nd, 2011.

pasul Bratocea Bratocsa-pass starting from Săcele near Braşov .
Balea-pass and lake    in the fogg on the upper section of the 34 km winding road.
Downhill I was almost hit by two sheep crossing the road among the cars in the fogg.
Uphill was even more exciting: three dogs chased me awfully. As  I was about to give up, when a approaching car in the opposite lane seeing the situation, drove his car in the middle of the road aginst the two dogs.They stayd a bit behind, then the third one on the right has also given up.
But by them I was incredibly short of breath. I was really close to have to stop.

One  advice was given to me later : take your drinking bottle and squirt water in the eyes of the dog.
Allegedly the only powerful weapon ! Particularly if you have wodka in it ! I am just kidding now,months afterwards.
However I do not wish anybody this situation, though it happens.

        castle_Bran_torcsvari_kastely         Balea_pass_teljesítve        Paltinis_sifelvono_cycling_mate_search 
                              Dracula s castle                                                           Balea pass done                                          winter sport centre Paltinis

                                                                                      wooden church

Păltiniş     winter sport centre

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