Climbing passes in Slovakia  March 2nd - 5th, 2010.

I drove by car via Parassapuszta to Hontnémeti (Hontianske Nemce). From here I started my cycling tour.

Selmecbánya (Banská ©tiavnica).The town is part  of the Wold Cultural Herritage and has lots of valleys, hills and mounts. Girls  castle (Nový Panenský zámok 1571) also belongs to it.
My first wheel axle (shaft) got loose,but I found soon the workshop of Tanad Sport in the town, whose owner spoke Hungarian.
Inspite of that I promised myself , to take more tools with me particularly in Romania in the future tours.
I drove a whole day to find a proper bicycle service in autum 2009. I found it only in Cluj(Kolozsvár).
I cycled over Sedlo Pecivy, Sedlo Červená studňa (Red well)

       Sedlo_Peciny_750m          Selmecbanya         Cervena_Studna_sipalya_alja
                 Sedlo Pecivy 750 m                                                 Selmecbánya with  Kálvária church                     Sedlo Červená studňa (Red well) 791m

I cycled back to my car and drove to Körmöcbányára (Kremnica). From there I went by bicycle from  522 m up to 1218m.
In the last km ice, ice ribs excepted me and my back tyre was slipping. I had to push my bike  a few times.
On the down hill ride I did know about the slippery, icy road, I pushed a bit, then I was very slowly descending balancing with both legs in the air. I fell a few times. At the last fall the whole content of my bag on the  steering bar was thrown out on a large
surface .
I gathered them and could not find my camera. Then I suddenly remembered as the very young Slovak boy the photo shot - sorry for the quality- I did not pull the zipper-fastener . I slipped out in the first turn, though I did not fall.
Back in the parking lot quickly!!!
I could not find it at the Skalka sign. In the mean time  8-10 British skier passed me by whilest climbing uphill .
With the in the bike service  freshly bought flash I was looking for the camera. I found its case, but empty. Finally I also found the camera. I turned it on, then I was very pleased,because  it  worked  !!!
After that I did not hurry any more. It was completely dark.  I had my visibility vest on. I can only recommend it to everybody, it did a good service to me. All the drivers kept a large side distance . The car drivers of Budapest should be sent here to a training course !
I found my accommodation before  Brezno (Breznóbánya) in Motorest Nemecká (Garamnémetfalva) for  5 €t !
I can recommend it, because they have a good cook and  the food was also cheap !

          Skalka_1218m           sipalya_Csertovica_Ordoglakoma_hago            sipalya_Certovica_Ordoglakoma_hago
                                   Skalka 1218 m                                             Pass Certovica  ski course                                    Pass Sedlo Čertovica 1238m

Second day

I pedaled through Bystra towards  Ördöglakodalma-hágó (Sedlo Čertovica) under  0 oC , but in bright sunshine, passing by the ski courses/grounds we used to ski in the villages :Bystra, Mýto pod Ďumbierom .
View from the pass, another photo of precipice. In the downhill ride only the coldness kept me back from rolling  over  50 km/h.
I drove by car  to Michalova (600m). From here I cycled over the pass Sedlo Zbojska (725 m) to Tisovec (510 m).
I passed by  such icicles.I climbed  Dielik Sedlo (578 m) then via  Murányon(390 m) again up to the pass  Sedlo Prena Hora (763 m).
You can see here  Koháry-column with latin sript. The noble family Koháry was the biggest land owner of the area in Gemer.
Then I pedaled back over the passes Dielik and Zbojska to the car.
In Tisovec I slept in the  CSM Hotel for 12 €, getting a nice, clean room with TV and attached bath room (I could even receive the Hungarian  TV2).
I also got  omelette for breakfast for  1.71 € early in the morning.

jegcsapok Tisovec előtt  Dielik_Sedlo_578m_partizanemlekmu Sedlo_Predna_Hora_763m  jegcsapok Tisovec előtt icicles at the viadukt Tisovec  Dielik Sedlo 578m partisan monument in background           Sedlo Predná Hora (763 m)                  icicles after  Zbojska pass
Third day
I drove towards Dobsina. On the way I explored by chance a pass, the Sedlo Javorinka (965 m).
I left my car in Červená Skala 800 m and cycled back up to the pass Sedlo Javorinka.

        Prena_Hora_hagorol_kilatas_Eszak-Gomornek          Sedlo_Zbojska_725m        Prena_Hora_hagorol_kilatas_Eszak-Gomornek                   View from Prena Hora pass to North-Gemer        I climbed Sedlo Zbojska second time,now in darkness                       Sedlo Javorinka 965 m

I drove by car to  Telgárt. From here I pedaled from 880 m up to Sedlo Besnik (994m) passing the  spring of Hron river .
I of course walked down to  the spring to shoot a photo.

             Hernad_forrasa              viadukt_Telgart_utan            Sedlo_Besnik_994m
Spring of Hernád river  ( Prameň Hrona )                            viadukt of  Telgárt                                                   Sedlo Besnik 994m

Then downhill  to Puste Pole ( 920 m ), again up to 1053 m  pass Popova Sedlo.
Then the same way back to the ski area of Telgárt. 

           Popova_hago_1053m           Alacsony_Tatra_Nemzeti_Park           Kralyova_holya_1946m
                    Popova Sedlo    1053m                                       Low Tatra National Park                                        Királyhegy (Kráµova hoµa) 1946m

Spot of the mountain sprint  over 1000_m left from a bycle race with view to the pass Sedlo Besnik.

I drove by car to Hnilec (710 m) then by bicycle up to the pass Sedlo Súµová (910m ) hágóra, (see sign) , again back to my car.

I went by car to Krasnáhorské Podhradie ( 380 m). I climbed by bicycle up to the pass Uhornianske Sedlo (999m) in the empire of ice and show.

         Sedlo_Sulova_922m        hagoutrol_Kraszna_Horka_varara_tekintve        Uhorniaske_Sedlo_999m+1m_ho
                      the proud castle of Krasna Horka                         view from the pass road to the casle               Pass of  Uhornianske Sedlo 999 m +1m snow

Descending from the pass I heard a big noice in the steep hill side wood. The road surface was very bad, so I stopped. Then I glanced a with me parralel running deer, who seconds later crossed the road and speedy disapeared in the wood.
It was a moving,shocking experience !!
It was a fair compensation for three day cycling.

         hagoteto_jegbe_burkolodzva        057_Paca_volgye        Gomori_hegyek
                       pass top in ice and show                                       valley  of village  Pača /Andrási                                     mountains of Gemer

I can recommend also this area for cycling tours, because the roads are in relatively good quality, accommodation is cheap, the hills and mountains are beautiful and not by last the beers are excellent !!

Have nice tours !