Cycling tour, pass climbing in South Tyrolia,Italy in 2008

Together with Tamas Stauróczky I drove my car to Italy in September 2008.

We arrived in Canazei, at Marmalade Camping . The in the morning light glittering  Sellagroup, Langkofel.
Panorama from camp site to the South.

         beginn_of_cycling_tour            Il_campionissimo_Fausto_Coppi           Sellagruppe_in_morninglight
i                         Sella Gruppe                                      beginn of our cycling tour from memorial of Coppi             Marmalade camp site

On the way to Pordoipass . Finally on  PordoipassDressing on before the downhill ride.
I overtook this coach .  The La Mesola_2437 m .

           Gruppo_di_Sella            Tamas_erfreshing_himself           Mir_wurde_warm,_d.h._ausziehen
                           Sella Gruppe                                        Tamás is refreshing himself                   I am taking cloths off

     on_Pordoipass   again_dressing_on    that_coach_was_overtook    turns_and_peaks    
          View from Pordoipass/Passo Pordoi                again putting cloths on         I overtook also that cach                 At feet of  La Mesola 2437 m

               downhill_ride_Passo_di_Campolongo            Abfahrt_von_Passo_di_Campolongo           turns_to_Groedner_Joch
                          on Passo di Campolongo                          downhill ride from Campolongo         hair pin turns to pass  Grödner Joch/Ps Gardena

Broad Panorama from Grödner Jochon/Pso Gardena. Again in the valley in the marvellous resort Kurfar/ Corvara.
Tamás became thirthty on Grödner Joch. Together with Tamás on Passo di Gardena/Grödner Joch.
One more closer picture of us on the pass top. Three language sign. Again hurtling downhill under a 1000 m high wall.

        Mit_Tamas_on_Passo_di_Gardena        Groedner_Joch_done        Groedner_Joch_saign_in_3_languages                                 on Grönder Joch                                              Grödner Joch/Passo di Gardena                               Grödner Joch/Passo di Gardena

                                                                                  Panorama on Grönder Joch / Passo dio Gardena   

In the valley turning towards the pass Sellajoch. View from Sellajoch and in another direction now opposite.
The three flags : one of South Tyrolia, one of Austria and the other one of Italy.
View to Puez peaks from pass Grödner Joch.  Some people are longing from pass even higher.

       Marmolade         Passo_Sella_done        three_flags                                                   Marmolada                                                        Sellajoch done !                                      Passo Sella with 3 flags    

Again a wall. Cycling towards new peaks . At the foot of  1000 m high wall. Tamás is descending cautiously.
Amazing mountain peaks

Again on the main road of Canazei after the cycling tour. One of the local hotels. View from the camp  to the mountain which gave  his name to the camp site.
The  mountain hotel cannot be missing on Karerpass.                Waltherplatz = main square, Ötzi-Museum in town Bozen/Bolzano.

Overcomming of the pas Stilfser Joches /Passo Stelvio

To go for sure  a "last picture" before the start to the pass, in the background the pass area.
The Hotel beautiful view is proving it name. View to Ortler 3904 m.     The pass is comming closer slowly.
Break under the glacier.  Vor einigen Minuten  I was below . some minutes ago
Now I want to go up there. The"chaser" are comming.  I reached  lime-line.             Before that you need a strong drink.
Precipice along  the pass road.

   slowly_approaching_the_glacier     break_under_the_glacier      strenth_of_mind_needed    most_of_hir_pin_turn_in_Italy
    I am closer to the glacier               necessary break                               only so much still to go ??!!!                     here were the most hair pin bends: 44

Most of the hair pin bends behind me.         44 hair pin turns.

       Ortlerblick_Cima_Coppi          Talblick         Passo_dello_Stelvio_Schweizer_Seite
           Stilfser Joch/ Passo dello Stelvio 2757                    valley view from Pso Stelvio/Stilsfer Joch                       descending towards Umrailpass

Monument of Fausto Coppi on the pass top. View  to the peak Piz Umrail .
Tamás is sticking Montex ad labels.

"Gathering spot"  towards Umrailpass, up to  2503 m.

         Umbrailpass_2505m            Abfahrt_vom_Umbrailpass           Bach-Wasserfall_vom_Piz_Minschuns
                       Umbrailpass 2503 m                                       desert moon landscape,deep valleys                    streams rushing down rocks


On the gravel road descending very cautiously.  I liked  those parts of the cycling tour the best. Sta.Maria_Muenstertal.
Tamás shooting  photos. Muenster, thirsty cyclistApple plantations all over.
Even middle September all  watering systems  are in operation.

In the valley of Etschtal , in Italian la Valle dell'Adige. Endless apple plantations.    Lakes  of Prad

   Tamas_fenykepezik      durstiger_Radler_cycling_partner_search    Prader_Seen       unendliche_Apfelplantagen
     Sta.Maria im Münstertal           thirsty cyclist on bicycle tour in Switzerland                          lakes of Prad                                      endless apple plantations

Dolomites of Lienz
Cycling excursion to the pass Kreuzberg-Pass   / M.Croce di Comélico

         Lienzer_Dolomiten        Zwoelferkofel_Radtour_Ausblick_vom_Pass         Kreuzbergpass_1636m      
                the peaks of Lienzer Dolomites                     Kreuzbergpass /M.Croce di Comélico1636m                      Zwölferkofel in the background

View to Zwölferkofel from the pass top.  The peak : Dreischusterspitze

          Dreischusterspitze      Dolomiti_di_Sesto_Sexter_Dolomiten              Drau-Drava_Radtour
                       Dreischusterspitze                                    Dolomiti di Sesto / Sexter Dolomiten                      Drau/  Dráva rver at Innichen

Homewards one more cycling excursion in the valley of Mölltal along the waterfall "Virgen s jump"  via  Heiligenblut /gate of   Grossglockner set in a refreshing break . On the Grossglocknerstrasse in direction  to Grossglockner cycling through Untertauern. Glancing back in valley  Mölltal.
I got to the high level of 1913 m , because of lack of time I had to turn back. In plain English: I was too slow !
Reward photo  Enzian.

A short cycling tour in Õrség in Southwest Hungary

From the Möll valley we had to get out fast, because the predicted big rain. That one reached us finaly in Õrség in the evening.
Accoding to the weather forcast for the next day no rain any more, so I could go for a bicycle excursion of  60 km in a circle.
The church of Velemér from the XIth century. In the leisure park of  Csesztreg I hold a  break.
Ancient meadows lined the country road.
Our host Mrs. "Potter" Kati at the open market during Strudelfestival of Kondorfa with daughter s  performace.
Occational sociologist in discussion.