Bicycle tour Budapest -Bratislava-České Budějovice-Erzgebirge-Thüringen-Harz- Berlin
-Spreewald--Dresden-Melnik-Kutna-Hora-Havlíčkův Brod-Brno-Aussterlitz-Uherské Hradiště-Trnava-Galanta-Esztergom-
Budapest 2013

 meeting with Gergő in Piliscsaba tour cycling partner wanted owner of pension b.aden tour cycling partner wantedVeliky Meder Pension B.ADEN inn,tour cycling partner wanted  sluice of the hydroelectric power plant Gabčikovo

   Meeting with Gergő in Piliscsaba              Velky Meder,owner of the inn Pension B.ADEN                sluice of the hydroelectric plant Gabcikovo

 Keith-Gergő-András in Almásfüzítő,tour cycling partner wanted we talk about tactics with Keith, our cycling partner the team rolles with tail wind Keith repares his front bag holding
   with Keith Thorarinson from Canada and Gergő in Almásfüzítő       we talk about tactics with Keith       the team rolles with tail wind                Keith repares his front bag holding

1st day , 05.09.2013.
Budapest-Piliscsaba meeting with Gergő, later mit Keith Thorarinson from Canada- Dorog-Komárom-Velky Meder (Nagymegyer),inn B.ADEN pension we were received with warmly welcome and tasty supper.{~140 km}

 with touring partner: Keith and Gergő at power plant castle of Bratislava from Danube bridge owner of the inn Pension B.ADEN Sankt Martin cathedral in Bratislava

   with cycling tour partner: Keith, Gergő at the power plant             castle of Britislava from Danube bridge  Moravsky Sv. Jan forest school              Sankt Martin s cathedral in Bratislava,in which some Hungarian kings were crowned

2nd day , 06.09.2013.
Gabčíkovo hydroelectric power plant - Bratislava farewell to Keith (no surprise that he left us) 70 km Malacky -Moravsky Sväty Jan forest school(Škola v prírode PIESOČNÁ Piesočná ~140 km}

3rd day , 07.09.2013.
Czech border by Morava river- Břeclav 30 km (Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape UNESCO-world heritage ) - Mikulov 20 km - Dolní Věstonice 12 km - snack in a cemetery Dukovany Třebíč Jewish quarter ~140 km}

 Třebíč Jihlava river bicycle tour Třebíč Jewish quarter bicycle touring partner wanted Třebíč bicycle touring partner wanted  Třebíč bicycle touring female partner wanted

   Třebíč, Jihlava river, Jewish quarter            Třebíč Jewish quarter  Moravsky Sv. Jan forest school               Třebíč Market

4th day, 08.09.2013.
Telč Renaissance-houses UNESCO-World cultural heritage - castle in Jindřichův Hradec South Bohemia's hilly landscape Třeboň {115 km}

 Telč gotic houses on market quare town gate of Telč, bicycle touring partner wanted  Jindřichův Hradec castle at Vajgar lake Telč Market square bicycle touring partner wanted
gotic houses on market square of Telč    town gate of Telč       Jindřichův Hradec castle yard at Vajgar lake           Telč Market square

Třeboň main square bicycle touring partner wanted Schwarzenberg Mausoleum in Třeboň bicycle touring partner wantedČeské Budějovice Market square,cycling partner wanted  České Budějovice black tower, bicycle touring partner wanted Holašovice bicycle touring partner wanted

main square in Třeboň    Schwarzenberg Mausoleum in Třeboň                 České Budějovice Black tower  Holašovice

( Třeboň 500 Fish ponds UNESCO-World cultural heritage ) the town's brewery cannot be missing
nuclear power plant
5th day , 09.09.2013.
25 km historical village Holašovice UNESCO-World cultural heritage site Vodňany - Strakonice -Nepomuk

6th day, 10.09.2013.
Přeštice-Sod-Planá -** Penzion Magdalenka, Krátká 401, Chodová Planá, ~120 km

Landscape bicycle touring partner wanted Žižka-Hus-house bicycle touring partner wanted  Nepomuk bicycle touring partner wanted  Nepomuk bicycle touring partner wanted

     Czech landscape         Žižka-Hus-house  Nepomuk with Church of St. John of Nepomuk                  Czech Ore Mountain

7th day , 11.09.2013.
- Mariánské Lázně -Teplá-Karlovy Vary,Hungarian speciality shop of Turay Erzsébet: enjoy the genuine Hungarian food and wines!
With Erzsébet's help I found the bicycle service Cyklocentrum Tvr Vondráček Vítězná 1082/15 ,where promptly and free of charge my handlebar bag was repaired,which fell of early in the morning.
spa triangle UNESCO-World cultural heritage Jáchymov - at German border: Boží Dar -Fichtelberg-Oberwiesenthal-

Hungarian specialities in Karlovy Vary bicycle touring partner wanted Karlovy Vary bicycle touring partner wanted Mühlbrunnenkolonnade bicycle tour  Karlovy Vary Mühlenkolonnade bicycle touring partner wanted

Hungarian specialities in Karlovy Vary  Karlov Vary   Mühlbrunnenkolonnade                  Mühlbrunnenkolonnade
Challenge BIG 188 - Fichtelberg 1214m Oberwiesenthal 888m level difference: 326m 5,8 km max. 8,6%

after 36 years on Fichtelberg again, bicycle tour Tellerhäuser Pension Erzgebirgsstübel,bicycle touring partner wanted Christmas pyramid,bicycle touring partner wanted  Auersberg bicycle touring partner wanted
after 36 years on Fichtelberg again Tellerhäuser Pension Erzgebirgsstübel  Christmas pyramid                  Auersberg

Tellerhäuser 7km Landgasthof & Pension Erzgebirgsstübel Family Kohse Oberwiesenthaler Straße 20 08359 Breitenbrunn/OT Tellerhäuser,Erzgebirge, T: +49.37348.7126 ~120 km

8th day, 12.09.2013.
Schwarzenberg/Erzgebirge-Aue (602m)35 km
challenge BIG 187 Auersberg (1018m) max. 13%
Zwickau mine car Weida 66 km+15 km Mittelpöllnitz Landgasthaus "Weiberwirtschaft" {130 km}

Gewandhaus Theater in Zwickau,bicycle touring partner wanted Zwickau Dünnebierhaus,bicycle touring partner wantedMarienkirche in Zwickau tour cycling partner wanted  Landgasthaus Weiberwirtschaft ,tour cycling partner wanted couple Kohlschütter in Mittelpöllnitz,tour cycling partner wanted
Marienkirche in Zwickau   Gewandhaus Theater in Zwickau             Zwickau Dünnebierhaus  the inn Weiberwirtschaft the friendly couple Kohlschütter in Mittelpöllnitz

9th day , 13.09.2013.
- Steel works Unterwellenborn -Saalfeld- Arnstadt -Ohrdruf {88}-Georgenthal-Friedrichroda Landgut Engelsbach 35 € vor Friedrichroda ~{130 km}
Saalfeld bicycle touring partner wanted Saaleradweg,bicycle touring partner wanted Saalfeld town hall,bicycle touring partner wanted  Arnstadt Marktapotheke bicycle touring partner wanted
            Saalfeld          Saale cycling path              Saalfeld town hall     Arnstadt Marktapotheke (pharmacy shop)

10th day , 14.09.2013.Tabarz 10 km
Challenge BIG 179 - Großer Inselsberg

Eisenach Bakery Rabe, bicycle touring partner wanted Eisenach, town hall, bicycle touring partner wanted  Eisenach Luther house ,bicycle touring partner wanted Holašovice bicycle touring partner wanted  intra German border,bicycle tour

 tasting in Bakery Rabe   Eisenach,townhall on Market square                  Eisenach Lutherhouse  intra German border at Ifta

-Eisenach the castle Wartburg: UNESCO-World cultural heritage (Sankt Elisabeth from the Hungarian Árpád-Dinasty) -Vockerode-Germerode
Challenge BIG 153 - Hoher Meissner 718m
11th day , 15.09.2013.
Werra bank in Eschwege intra border at Ifta - Leinefelde- in Worbis : Hedergott Ludger Bakery: Super !- Bad Lauterberg im Harz - Elend 302m 14 km max.12% Elend Pension Bodetal {115 km }302m

Werra valley lake at Eschwege tour cycling partner wanted Zwickau Dünnebierhaus tour cycling partner wanted Eichsfeld tour cycling partner wanted GDR border,former frontier watchtower, tour cycling partner wanted
   Werra valley lake at Eschwege             intra German border  diverse landscape of Eichsfeld   frontier watchtower of former GDR

Challenge BIG 184 - Sonnenberg 829 m 2x18,2 km max. 8,3 % und Challenge BIG 185 Brocken 1142 m 14 km max.12%

12th day , 16.09.2013.

Brockenview after Braunlage,tour cycling partner wanted Gulash cannon between Braunlage and Elend Blankenburg tour cycling partner wanted Quedlinburg tour cycling partner wanted
   Brockenview after Braunlage             Gulash cannon between Braunlage and Elend  Blankenburg               Quedlinburg

Challenge BIG 185 Brocken 1142 m Elend 302m 14 km 6-12% 840 m level difference
+++ ~ 35 km+35 km 2x Challenge BIG
Challenge BIG 186 Rosstrappe Thale 164 m 3,6 km max.12.6%
Quedlinburg 11 km old town of Quedlinburg UNESCO-World cultural heritage -
New experience on the motorway!
This time the German motorway police transported me and my bicycle free of charge some km on the highway between Quedlinburg and Aschersleben,where no speed limit is !! Luckily I did not need to pay anything for the "transport". The young commander of the local motorway police held mich in civil off. He organized the transport. The policemen drove me in Aschersleben directly to the from Aschersleben to Könnern leading country road. So it could not happen again that I am comming back to the highway, they ment.
My excuse was:I could not find any signs here as in France several times in the past.
Aschersleben- Könnern - Pension Adler in Coermigk
Quedlinburg tour cycling partner wanted Quedlingburg Nikolaikirche tour cycling partner wanted  Quedlinburg Radlerpartner gesucht Quedlinburg half-timbered house,tour cycling partner wanted  Pension Adler in Coermigk tour cycling partner wanted
Quedlinburg  Quedlingburg Nikolaikirche   Quedlinburg                  Quedlinburg half-timbered house  Pension Adler in Coermigk

13th day , 17.09.2013.
(Petersberg remembering on a excursion from my youth)- Zörbig -Sandersdorf-Bitterfeld-train station - former Chemiekombinat Bitterfeld - industrial school-Hotel Central, bicycle shop , Clubhouse=dancing place- Wolfen

Bitterfeld Cultural palace tour cycling partner wanted CKB headquarter bicycle tour Bitterfeld industrial school,tour cycling partner wanted Bitterfelder town hall,tour cycling partner wanted
   Bitterfeld Culture Palace             CKB headquarter  Bitterfeld industrial school              Bitterfelder townhall

black bricks of Bitterfeld tourpartner gesucht  Goitzschesee landing place Raguhner Mulde cycling tour with partner  Wolfen-Nord my block of flats
            Bitterfelder black bricks  Goitzschesee landing place             Raguhner Mulde     Wolfen-Nord my block of flats

-Friedersdorf -Muldenstein - Jessnitz - Bobbau Wolfen-Nord- Raguhn-Jessnitz-Muldenstein Pension Stein.
Luther memorial town Wittenberg UNESCO-World cultural heritage Cranachhouse

Wittenberger Stadtkirche Luther memorial town,cycling tour partner wanted Melanchton memorial place Wittenberg cycling partner wanted Wittenberg Marktschloss tour cycling partner wanted  Augustinian monastery,Lutherhaus,tour cycling partner wanted  Havel at Potsdam cycling tour partner wanted

Wittenberg Stadtkirche Lutherdenkmal  Melanchtondenkmal                     Wittenberg Marktschloss  Augustinian Monastery, Lutherhaus  Havel at Potsdam

14th day,18.09.2013.
- Gräfenhainichen - Wittenberg - Treuenbrietzen- Beelitz -asparagus fields-forests of Fläming-Potsdam - Berlin Kreuzberg

Fläming broom heather,tour cycling partner wanted Berlin Unter den Linden Hungarian embassy   Berlin Brandenburger gate tour cycling partner wanted  Berlin Reichstag tour cycling partner wanted

            Fläming broom heather  Berlin Unter den Linden Hungarian embassy             Brandenburger gate    Reichstag

15th day ,19 .09.2013.
Berlin 's attractions from bicycle saddle
UNESCO World culural heritage: Museum isleland. Brezhnev Honecker kiss on wall painting   Bundestag,Virchow statue

Berlin Alexanderplatz,World Time Clock, tour cycling partner wanted Stadt Berlin tour cycling partner wanted Berlin Nikolaikirche cycling tour partner wantedt  Berliner wall paintings  tour cycling partner wanted  Berliner wall tour cycling partner wanted
Berlin Alexanderplatz,World Time Clock  Stadt Berlin(Park Inn Radisson)                     Berlin Nikolaikirche  Berliner wall paintings  the wall

Berlin- sightseeing-Schwartzkopff Settlement from 1899 in Wildau Königs - Wusterhausen - accommodation in Zeesener Landgasthof ~130 km

Schwartzkopff Settlement in Wildau tour cycling partner wanted Wildau,Schwartzkopff Settlement tour cycling partner wanted Schwartzkopff Settlement cycling tour partner wanted Spree sluice tour cycling partner wanted
   Schwartzkopff Settlement in Wildau             Schwartzkopff Settlement  Dahme              going out from Spree sluice

return tour 1st day , 20.09.2013.

Spreeforest channels  touring partner wanted Dahme river cycling tour partner wanted Spreeforest, cycling tour partner wanted Spreebridge with fishers statue,cycling tour partner wanted
   Spreeforest channels             Schwartzkopff Settlement  Spreeforest              going out from the sluice of Spree river

-Märkisch Buchholz- Lübben - Lübbenau- landing place - in Spreeforest -log house under contruction-Calau- Meuro Inn.

return tour 2nd day , 21.09.2013.

Dresden : Procession of Princes, Semper Opera, Frauenkirche, Zwinger, Brühl's Terrace by the Elbe river bank, Pirna- Historic Paddle Steamer on the Elbe river - bikeway along Elbe river-In Bad Schandau after June flood I could get any room only in Bohemia late at night- Elbe river banks in front of the Hotel Labe in Hřensko (CZ) ~ 150 km

Dresden, Residenzschloss ancient bicycle, cycling tour partner wanted Dresden Kunstakademie cycling tour partner wanted bicycle path along Elbe river after Bad Schandau cycling tour partner wanted Hotel Labe in Hrensko
  Dresden, Residenzschloss ancient bicycle  Spreeforest       Dresden Kunstakademie   bicycle path along Elbe river after Bad Schandau    Hotel Labe in Hrensko (CZ)      

return tour 3rd day , 22.09.2013.

Dečin-Litoměřice town hall- Usti nad Laben-fortress of Terezin-Mělník in sight, Market square- Stara Boleslav

Litomerice, cycling tour partner wanted junction of Elbe and Moldau at Mělník cycling tour partner wanted Stara Boleslav , cycling tour partner wanted Kolin Market square
    Litoměřice Market Square              junction of Elbe and Moldau at Mělník    Stara Boleslav           Kolin Market Square

Returning tour 4th day , 23.09.2013

 Kutna Hora St. Barbara church,cycling tour partner wanted Kutna Hora Jesuit College, cycling tour partner wanted Kutna Hora,cycling tour partner wanted  Havlíčkův Brod cycling tour partner wanted Sazava river cycling tour partner wanted
    Kutna Hora St. Barbara church   Jesuit College           Palace in Kutna Hora   Kutna Hora churche of St. Barbara      Kutna Hora     Havlíčkův Brod     Sazava valley

Český Brod - Market Square in Kolin -Kutna  Hora - Havlíčkův Brod- Sazava valeley- Restaurant and inn in Přibyslav

Returning tour 5th day, 24.09.2013.

pilgrim church St. John of Nepomuk in Žďár nad Sázavou - Brünn-battle field of Aussterlitz (Slavkov u Brna) Napoleon battle , Three Emperors Battle inn Slunce in Velešovice Excellent and cheap accommodation:Slunce in Velešovice

oak on green hill cycling tour partner wanted  Sazava river from green hill cycling tour partner wanted Moravia-Virchovina,cycling tour partner wanted  forge at Adamov (Brno),cycling tour partner wanted

            oak tree on Green Hill in Žďár nad Sázavou  Sazava river view from Green Hill;       Moravia-Virchovina     forge at Adamov (Brno)

Aussterlitzer concrete mixing plant, cycling tour partner wanted Aussterlitz old post Napoleons sleeping place Aussterlitzer sun rise,cycling tour partner wanted uherske-hradiste cycling tour partner wanted

   Aussterlitzer concrete mixing plant             Aussterlitz old post Napoleons slept here in the eve of the battle  Aussterlitzer sun rise              Uherské Hradiště

Returning tour , 25.09.2013.

castle of Bučovice- Holy Kopec on the pass top -Uherské Hradiště-Bílé Karpaty-Nové Mesto nad Váhom

Bílé Karpaty cycling tour partner wanted Kamm of Bílé Karpaty cycling tour partner wanted  Trnava St.Nikolaus cathedral, cycling tour partner wanted   Trnava-Galanta, cycling partner wanted

            Bílé Karpaty  ridge of Bílé Karpaty           Trnava St.Nicholas cathedral       finally off from the motor way Trnava-Galanta

Returning tour 7th day , 26.09.2013.

Trnava-Galanta-Dunajská Streda-Komárom-Dorog 222 km is my day distance record in all my tours!

Returning tour 8th day , 27.09.2013.

Esztergom Basilika cycling tour partner wanted Ipel-river Börzsöny mountains   Börzsöny from the right bank of Ipel river  Morgó patak Börzsönliget,Börzsöngyöngye bicycle tour
            Esztergom Basilika   view from Ipel rivers to Börzsöny mountains       Börzsöny from the right bank of Ipel river           Morgó creek Börzsönliget,Börzsöngyöngye

In order to break my tour distance record, I have cycled around Börzsöny mountains.
Esztergom - across Maria-Valeria-bridge to Šturovo in Slovakia-Kamenica nad Hronom-Sahy-Hont-Érsekvadkert

Returning tour 9th day, 28.09.2013.

-Vác-Börzsönyliget-Budapest all together :3250 km
My longest tour was 3200 km. This one became by 50 km longer

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