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Caprine Bicycle Expedition 2012.
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Preparation trips

I have won a Caprine Pro Voyage trecking bicycle on a competition about bicycle tour ideas only for period of time of my tour in Georgia and Armenia 2012.

I can keep the bicycle untill the end of the tour. So I made my first trip on June 9th to the Börzsöny Mountains to Diósjenő and the castle ruins of Nógrád

      Naszaly_from road Nr. 2             ridge og Borzsony         view from castle Nograd to ridge of Borzsony
                 Naszály                                          ridge of Börzsöny at the road branch of Nőtincs         View from Nógrád castle to the ridge of Börzsöny                     

          view of Nograd from castle           Gun powder tower            headboards of tribe chiefs
           View to Nógrád from the castle                                   Gun powder tower               headboards of conquering tribe chiefs

I arrived too late to the start of the memorial tour of Kittenberg Kálmán (65 km ) on June 9th,.2012. I left my camera in the car. So I could make a photo only after the tour near the finish in Nagymaros.

On prowl for mayfly along the Tisza river
i did not find any, but I cycled a lot in two and half days:
170+140+90 km=400 km Nagykáta-Tiszasüly-Tiszaroff-Abádszalók-Szolnok-Tápiógyörgye-Budapest

          ice_cream_vendor           at_noon_in_Jaszcountry            Matra_moountain_from_Janoshida
           ice cream vendor in Jász-county                       heat at noon                           Mátra mountain from Jánoshida

tumuli           Tiszaroff_ferry            Tisza_from_ferry
                          tutuni (grave hill)                                       Tiszaroff ferry                                                Tisza river from the ferry      

on_dam           Szolnok_Zagyva_shore            mayfly_monument

            on the dam to Abádszalók                                       Szolnok     Zagyva-shore                          Szolnok,Tisza shore with mayfly monument     

July 1-4 , 2012.
Cycling around Balaton and Small-Balaton

340 km in the heat of 34-37 C.

         Kenesei_strand           Bay_of_Fűzfői          Furedi_Anna-bal_                                                Balatonkenese beach                                            Bay of Fűzfő                                  Balatonfüred Anna-ball       

Tihany_view_to__Fured   Badacsony  butterfly_on_outlook_szigliget_castle   birth_house_of_Szendrey_Julia_Keszthelyen
         View from Tihany                                    Badacsony                butterfly-outlook tower in Szigligeti castle   Szendrey Júlia s birth house in Keszthely

under_Szigligeti_castle_alatt   view_from_Szigliget_to_Badacsony Kányavári_sziget  Fonyodi_molon_reggel

             under Szigliget              View from Szigliget to Badacsony       Kis-Balaton,Kányavári island with wooden bridge    Fonyód, on the pier in the morning     

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